Most people think of a survey as something you have before buying a property but we provide a variety of surveys that suit homeowners and prospective purchasers. Once we understand your requirements, we will provide a clear and concise report that helps you understand the issues that are most important to you. We are always on hand should you have further questions to make sure you get the most from your survey.


Pre-Purchase Surveys


Do I need a Survey?
Purchasing a property is a decision we have to get right and this can only be done if you hold all of the key information. A lender’s valuation will not provide this valuable insight but a pre-purchase survey will. This short video from the RICS explains further.


Which Survey do I need?
This is dictated by the age, size, condition and type of property, as well as your future plans to alter or extend it. This short video from the RICS explai

Building Survey

ISVA HomeSurvey Report Without Valuation

Structural Reports

Snagging Reports

ISVA HomeSurvey Report

Specific/Single Defect Reports

Asbestos Reports

Commercial Property Reports